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The first months of a new year bring about fresh tax and financial reporting deadlines. Unfortunately, there’s an ever-growing group of entities and individuals looking to intercept sensitive information transmitted through insecure channels and use it for fraudulent filings, identity theft or other unintended goals. To help facilitate sensitive document transfers, BKD uses these technologies and best practices:

  • BKD SecureMail is a simple method of sending and receiving encrypted email and attachments to and from BKD professionals. BKD uses the system to send a variety of sensitive data, including personal tax information and emails with a small number of attachments. 
  • BKDconnect enables BKD clients to better organize their engagements and communicate with BKD professionals. It also allows for the exchange of larger volumes of data. Watch this short video for more information about this technology and contact your BKD advisor today to sign up for BKDconnect.
  • BKDconnect Quick Share is an on-demand application for sending smaller volumes of files using the BKDconnect portal. To use Quick Share, register on our website and follow the prompts to directly and securely share files with your BKD advisor.
  • Files should be encrypted when submitting information on CDs, DVDs and USB drives.
  • In-person meetings and phone calls with your BKD advisor provide an opportunity to directly share confidential information and ask any questions about your tax filings.

When gathering and submitting clients’ confidential financial and tax-related documents and communications, BKD treats safety and security as a priority. We employ specialized tools to make tax season communications as efficient as possible while reducing the risk of unauthorized interception. Consider these solutions to help protect your information from unintended exposure.

If you have questions about securely transmitting documents through our encrypted transmission systems, contact your BKD advisor.

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