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Effective January 7, 2019, Missouri Medicaid is enforcing the regulation requiring providers to revalidate their provider enrollment information at least every five years. The first round of notifications was emailed in January, and providers have 90 days to complete their information to avoid payment interruptions.

Revalidation emails appear to have only been sent to the designated administrator of the provider’s eMOMED account. The eMOMED account also will have to be used to submit revalidation documents. Providers can view revalidation information, including due dates, as follows:

  1. Log in to the eMOMED website
  2. Navigate to the ePassport tab
  3. Select “Provider Revalidation”

If you don’t have access to the Provider Revalidation button or are not certain who is listed as the administrator of your eMOMED account, you can contact the Missouri Medicaid provider help desk at internethelpdesk@momed.com or by phone at 573.635.3559. Additional information regarding this process is available on the Missouri Medicaid Audit and Compliance website.

Contact Cyndi or your trusted BKD advisor for further assistance.

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