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As you may have noticed during your last login, Microsoft has made available its Fall 2020 release of Business Central for update in your live environment. This latest release aims to meet the demands of a rapidly growing customer base, improved performance, handling of file storage, geographic expansion together with support for Group VAT, top customer-requested features, and deeper integration with Microsoft Teams.

Business Central administrators can create a sandbox that is a copy of their production environment and update that sandbox to test the latest release with their data. This is a critical check if you have any customizations or third parties in place and prudent custodianship of a software as a service ERP environment, regardless of additional extensions. The attached PowerPoint deck not only details new features in the latest release but also covers how to create a sandbox and set the update time window/date. You also can watch this 12-minute video for a walk-through of the Admin Center.

Overview of Release Notes

  • Seamless Service: Performance, reliability, and supportability are essential to help ensure the service quality remains ahead of the growth in usage. Accessibility, already in a strong position, must be preserved, and better support for resizing pages is added. The 2020 release wave 2 also incorporates the results of a material top-to-bottom investment in Business Central service security. 
  • Productivity: Requested features are included, such as returning to the request page after previewing a report and the ability to change the assigned printer before printing a report.
  • Microsoft Power Platform Integration: This release includes further investments in the integration with Microsoft Power Platform, both in existing connectors as well as enabling virtual entities.
  • Modern Development Tools: Microsoft has made investments in areas that enhance productivity for developers within Visual Studio Code.
  • Better with Office 365: Newly enabled integration with Microsoft Teams help teams collaborate and make decisions faster by accessing their business data from Teams channels.

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