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As ransomware attacks continue to threaten the worldwide industry, a recent ransomware study conducted globally by Cybereason and released this week has given insight into the regions and industries most affected, the staggering financial effects of these attacks, and other details including the most implemented solutions following attacks, methods used to extort victims multiple times, and statistics of company layoffs in the aftermath of attacks.

According to the Cybereason report, in organizations that reported ransomware attacks, at least half of those in legal, manufacturing, automotive, technology, and healthcare reported losses. Organizations reporting losses in government, financial services, and retail industries were at least 73 percent.

The most interesting takeaway from this report may be in statistics regarding payment and repeat attacks. According to the report, a little more than half of respondents who paid indicated no data loss when data was recovered from the extortionists, 46 percent incurred some loss, and 3 percent didn’t recover anything. The report further indicates 80 percent of those who did pay incurred a second attack—many believed to have been carried out by the same criminals.

With phishing attacks being a primary delivery system of such attacks, it is important to train employees to detect potential attacks before they become a ransomware incident. BKD Cyber professionals can help train your team on methods and best practices for lowering your cyber risk, as well as how to appropriately respond to a cyberattack to mitigate your losses. Our training is tailored to various individuals across your organization, from employees to the board of directors. Please contact us using the form below or visit for more information.

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