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SmartList Builder from eOne Solutions has many great features. Of course, creating SmartLists and Excel reports are at the top. There’s one feature you may not know exists but can really be helpful. It’s called Table Finder. 

Table Finder is a bit of functionality that enables you to find the GP table that stores information for a table. One of the hardest things to do in Microsoft Dynamics GP is find a table. Due to multiple products and alternate versions of Windows, you may think a table is in one dictionary, like Microsoft Dynamics GP, when it’s somewhere else. 

For example, finding the tables that store Vendor EFT master data can be a pain. But it isn’t a pain with Table Finder. Let’s walk through how to use it. 

First, open a window where you see the information. Since we’re talking about Vendor EFT master data, let’s use it as an example. 

Go to Purchasing >> Cards >> Vendor >> Remit To >> EFT Bank. 

Vendor EFT Master Data


Microsoft Dynamics GP


From here, select Tools >> Table Finder. 

Note: You must have SmartList Builder installed. 

Table Finder Microsoft


Boom! Just like that, you have a list of all the tables used by this window. 

Notice that you have the SQL Name, SY06000, which is used with SQL queries and SQL Reporting Services. You also have the Table Name, which is used with SmartList Builder and Report Writer. 

Not only do you have the table information, but at the bottom of the window you can create a SmartList, Excel report, or navigation list. That is like pressing the Easy button. Just think about how many times you’ve searched for a table only to be stymied and frustrated. With this feature of SmartList Builder, you can make finding tables and creating lists a much easier process. 

Contact our support center at gpsupport@bkd.com for more assistance with this feature or to learn more about SmartList Builder. 

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