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The federal fiscal year (FFY) 2023 public use file (PUF) was recently released on the CMS website. Visit the site to view the documentation tables as well as the timeline. These files include the revised FFY 2023 wage index and occupational mix data previously desk reviewed and verified by the Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC).  

If your acute-care hospital is paid under the prospective payment system, we suggest accessing the information and verifying your data is correct and reconciles to the data that you may have submitted to the MAC last fall. If variances are noted between the PUF data and what was expected, the turnaround time to make an appeal with your MAC is approximately only two weeks. The deadline for hospitals to submit requests for either corrections to errors or revisions to the data, along with supporting documentation, is Tuesday, February 15. The next PUF has a tentative release date of late April 2022, but see the wage index timeline for additional information regarding necessary appeals.

Contact your BKD Trusted Advisor™ or submit the Contact Us form below if you have general questions regarding the wage index and occupational mix data included in the PUF, or if you would like a formatted PUF comparison reflecting your final FFY 2022 wage index data, preliminary FFY 2023 wage index data, and the wage index data from the PUF recently released.

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