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As the Ukraine-Russia conflict unfolds, organizations face an increased risk of cyber-attack against the U.S. public and private sectors.

The latest advisory from the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), called Shields Up, highlights the increased cyber risk and offers recommendations and resources for organizations to help them strengthen their defenses against cyber-attacks.  CISA calls on businesses to focus on preparedness and resilience, building effective defenses while also preparing to effectively respond to minimize the risk of an attack.

Key Recommended Actions List: >Ensure that cybersecurity / IT personnel are focused on identifying and quickly assessing any unexpected or unusual network behavior. >Confirm that the organization's entire network is protected by antivirus / antimalware software and that signatures in these tools are updated. >Ensure that software is up to date, prioritizing updates that address known exploited vulnerabilities. >Designate a crisis-response team with main points of contact for a suspected cybersecurity incident and roles / responsibilities within the organization. >Test backup procedures to ensure that critical data can be rapidly restored.


DHG's Cybersecurity Advisory Team recommends IT leaders review the advisory and consider their own security posture to help mitigate the likelihood of a successful and damaging cyber-attack.

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