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On February 22, 2022, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released the public notice DA 22-182 for the new Broadband Data Collection (BDC) filing system. All facilities-based providers of fixed and mobile broadband internet access services will be required to submit this new BDC filing initially due by September 1, 2022, and reporting data as of June 30, 2022.

The new BDC filing system is expected to open on June 30, 2022, for broadband service providers to begin submitting their broadband data. The FCC will provide additional information for filers with data specifications on how to prepare their data for submission in the BDC system. Information and resources will be posted on the FCC’s BDC webpage as they are available.

In this notice, the FCC states that it maximized the notice period to service providers to emphasize that any requests for waivers or extension of the filing deadline will face a high hurdle even at the starting gate and that failure to timely file the required data in the new BDC system may lead to enforcement actions and/or penalties in the Communications Act and other applicable laws absent circumstances beyond the filer’s control.

The FCC encourages filers to upload their broadband data as early as possible in the BDC system so any necessary corrections to the data can be made before the filing deadline to help ensure the data submission is timely filed.

This notice does not change the obligations of service providers to file the semiannual Form 477 filing. The FCC states that it will continue the census-based broadband deployment data collection under the Form 477, for fixed service providers, for at least one reporting cycle after the new granular BDC reporting commences. Service providers of both broadband and voice services that have traditionally filed subscription data in the FCC’s Form 477 filing system will be required to submit subscription data in both the new BDC system and the existing Form 477 filing system.

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