On February 4, 2022, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released the public notice DA 22-109 for the new Supply Chain Annual Reporting. All advanced communications service providers are required to submit this new annual reporting by May 5, 2022, and then by March 31 in subsequent years. The FCC defines “advance communications service” to include all switch, high-speed, and broadband telecommunications services that allow end users to originate and receive high-quality voice, data, graphics, and video telecommunications services with a minimum speed of 200 kbps.

This is a new filing requirement to collect updated information since changes have been made to the equipment or services listed in the original Covered List from 2018. The updated Covered List is available on the FCC’s Covered List website. Past participation in the 2019 Supply Chain Information Collection does not constitute compliance with this new annual reporting requirement.

By May 5, 2022, every service provider must either certify it has no covered communications equipment and services, or it needs to provide a listing of the covered communications equipment and services that the company has purchased, rented, leased, or otherwise obtained. 

If a provider certifies it has no covered communications equipment and services, the provider will not need to file subsequent annual reports unless the provider purchases, rents, leases, or obtains covered communications equipment or services or if additional equipment or services are added to the Covered List that would mean the provider can no longer certify that it does not have any covered communications equipment or services to report.
If a provider that previously certified that it did not have covered communications equipment or services must file a new annual report, it must report information on such equipment when it is obtained and then annually as described in the preceding paragraph.

The FCC’s Covered List website includes additional information, instructions, and a link to its reporting portal. The FCC also has an email address for additional information and questions regarding the FCC’s Supply Chain Data Collection Annual Reporting requirement.

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