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DHG's Kevin Locke and Jay Stine are featured in the Winter 2021 issue of ACG's Middle Market Growth, where they comment on the importance of extensive healthcare industry knowledge as well as the shift in how some healthcare providers are measuring business performance.

"Healthcare is a complex industry where deep expertise matters. It requires an understanding of the regulatory environment, third-party payer system, revenue dynamics, payment mechanism, operational challenges and market opportunities, all of which are constantly changing. Our understanding of those evolving dynamics across the healthcare industry can be a significant advantage to our clients."

Kevin Locke
Managing Principal, DHG Healthcare, on the benefits of specialized knowledge in the health care sector

Consumer expectations for convenience and personalized service have shaped many industries. But even a decade ago, healthcare wasn't one of them.

That's changed. Today, the patient experience is shaping the way care is delivered, and it's prompting healthcare providers to rethink their offerings and how they measure business performance.

The Data Dilemma

Not all healthcare businesses have the systems to collect and analyze data, which poses a dilemma for investors.

"In private equity, there's a lot of frustration…they're looking to make a decision and the data's not there because consumerization has not been a priority for that practice," says Jay Stine, Partner, DHG Healthcare Transaction Advisory.

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This article is partially reprinted here with permission from Middle Market Growth.

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