On June 27, 2022, CMS announced its new voluntary cancer bundled payment called Enhancing Oncology Model (EOM); this builds on CMS’s original Oncology Care Model (OCM) and continues federal policy makers’ march toward value-based healthcare. The model seeks to provide financial incentives for enhanced care coordination, improved outcomes, and better patient experiences.

EOM focuses on the comprehensive treatment of chemotherapy patients during a beneficiary’s 6-month episode, promotes health equity, allows providers to enhance existing strategies, and offers funding mechanisms to build new capabilities. The non-binding application for EOM is due September 30, 2022.

No doubt, there is much more to EOM than the few sentences listed above. FORVIS has created unique educational content focused on policy details and preparation suggestions for EOM participants. To request copies of FORVIS’ materials, including two-page model summary, educational slide deck, FAQ, and thought leadership articles, please complete the form below.

The application due September 30 is the first step, and FORVIS strongly encourages all eligible providers to apply. There will be several months for applicants to assess the model further and make informed decisions on participation. Please contact FORVIS for more information about EOM and if applying may be right for you.





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