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There remains an overwhelming volume of written pieces and speeches expressing opinions and outlining observations about the ongoing transformation of the healthcare industry; it remains, in fact, a very noisy time for our industry in many respects – and external commentary is understandably a part of that noise.  We also note that ‘the tyranny of the urgent' and the inherent uncertainty that emerges from the current political environment both seem to create fundamental barriers blocking levels of greater organizational urgency and accelerating pace in actively addressing the industry's fundamental disruption and transformation. 
As we expressed in our April 2016 Wide Angle Lens (WAL) 1.0 piece, we remain hopeful that there is room for distinctive commentary that isn't simply an echo of wider commentary, and so our purpose in the WAL series is to step away from the day-to-day dialogue ("get above the trees," so to speak) and explore those themes that our research indicates may be getting less-than-appropriate attention in the wider industry conversation.  We believe that currently anticipating and responding with urgency and pace to such themes may be foundational to future success for healthcare organizations, and we hope that our thoughts in the WAL series are accretive to the broader industry dialogue during this unprecedented transformational period.

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