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Do you work in a concentrated area in Dynamics GP? Do you want to work from a central hub within the program? Navigation Lists may be the answer for you. Navigation Lists allow you to work from a list of records, viewing detail information and performing actions, and you can customize lists for your specific needs. Let’s take a look.

Within each area of the system, there are a number of additional navigation lists available for your use. In the screenshot above, we have clicked on the “Purchasing” area, which opens the Purchasing area page. In the upper portion of the navigation pane, a number of additional navigation lists appear. We will select the “Vendors” navigation list.

The Vendors navigation list appears. Across the top of the list are a number of possible actions, referred to as the Action Pane, while the bottom part of the window displays information about the selected record in the Information Pane. The middle portion of the window displays a list of vendors and allows you to add filters and search.

You can enter and apply multiple filter criteria, and you can search using the box in the upper right. Notice how the records are now filtered according to the criteria entered. We could then select a record and perform an action.

Some actions, including printing an Aged Trial Balance, are available if you select multiple records—and they don’t even have to be in sequence!

You also can tailor navigation lists for your specific needs. First, you must choose to save the navigation list, which protects the standard navigation list from customization.

You will be prompted to name the new navigation list; it then will appear in the navigation pane.

Notice the filter criteria were copied. You also can make additional modifications:

  • Changing the columns of information displayed
  • Adding, removing, renaming and reorganizing actions on the action pane
  • Turning off the action pane, information pane and/or filter options
  • Sharing the navigation list with other users or making the list private for your use only (by default, lists will be available to all users in all companies that have access to the standard list, although they won’t be able to save changes to the list)

To define these types of modifications, choose “Customize” from the navigation list menu. This will open the “List View” customization window.

By modifying a navigation list, you can create a Control Panel for your tasks in the system and centralize your most commonly used tasks and information. If you are a BKD client, please contact us for questions and assistance with using navigation lists in Dynamics GP.

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