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As you know, when FRx went away, so did the ability to view budget information in Financial Statements. Now, you need to import data into GP and create the reports in Management Reporter. I spoke with a Microsoft Forecaster support professional on April 11. He wouldn’t be quoted, but he said they are working on ways to view forecaster data in Management reporter. Until then, we are stuck with the Data Transfer tool, used to move data from Forecaster to GP.

Start | Microsoft Forecaster Data Transfer

General Ledger information:

Select the server.

Log in as “sa” using SQL authentication and click “Connect.”

Select the GP company.

Forecaster information:

Select the server and click “Connect.”

Log in as “sa” using SQL authentication and click “Connect.”

Select the Forecaster database.

Microsoft Forecaster Data Transfer

It is important to log into each database as “sa.”

Microsoft Forecaster Data Transfer

Single company mapping – one company in Forecaster = one company in GP

Simple account mapping – all of the centers in Forecaster match the segments in GP

Complex account mapping – different segments between GP and Forecaster

Microsoft Forecaster Data Transfer


Always enter the GL Account Start Position, even if it’s 1.

Save the mapping; next time, you will load mapping and not have to recreate it.

Microsoft Forecaster Data Transfer

Select the input set in Forecaster and the General Ledger budget in GP.

Map the periods from Forecaster periods to GP fiscal periods.

Click “Clear Errors” to clear any previous errors.

Click “Clear Budget” to clear the budget before reimporting.

Click “Transfer,” and your Forecaster data should be loaded.

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