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Although we GP consultants may not be “salespeople” in the traditional sense, all consultants “sell.”  When we are at a client site and see a need, we might suggest an additional module, a change to process or configuration or even a third-party product solution from an independent software vendor (ISV).  Microsoft Dynamics GP is fortunate to have a solid, long-standing and varied ISV community.  Many of the prominent names have been in business for decades and have developed well-integrated, reliable and essential add-ons to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

So, what makes a great ISV?  From a consultant’s viewpoint, we want products that:

  1. Meet a common need (just specialized enough)
  2. Are priced relative to their functionality (not overcharging for a small tweak)
  3. Are documented well (especially when it comes to configuration selections)
  4. Have excellent support (so that clients don’t feel ping-ponged between the ISV and us/Microsoft)

Over the years, the ISV market for GP has grown exponentially, especially when you factor in products that “can” integrate—meaning they were not specifically developed for Dynamics GP.  So I thought it might be helpful to list some of the third-party products we factor into solutions time and again.

Before purchasing a third-party product, you should see a demo to ensure the product meets your specific needs.  We do not endorse the following products, but provide them as a reference list of possible solutions based on our experience. They include:

  • Mekorma MICR
    • Print the MICR line on checks, but also add additional layers of signature printing and security to your check processing.
  • Binary Stream Multi-Entity Management
    • Manage multiple companies within a single Dynamics GP database, including balancing of due to/due from accounts, centralizing AP processing and filing payroll for multiple EINs.
  • Greenshades Payroll Electronic Filing
    • File state and federal taxes (and 1099s) electronically from within Dynamics GP.  Greenshades also has W-2 print/mail services and an employee portal for pay stubs and W-2s.
  • Nodus Credit Card Solutions
    • This vendor offers PCI-compliant credit card processing solutions integrated with Dynamics GP to allow for credit card payments on documents in GP to be sent to your processor.

If you are a BKD client and are interested in the solutions noted above, or want to discuss how a third-party product might address your needs, please email contact us.

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