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How the Right ERP Solution Can Take You Beyond the Status Quo

Simply maintaining the status quo is no longer enough for electronic wholesalers. Even as the economy continues to improve, buyers retain the upper hand with their ability to carefully choose their suppliers and base decisions on factors beyond price, such as progressive service offerings and options. To remain competitive and profitable, your organization needs to continually look for ways to improve.

Continuous improvement requires a flexible, configurable ERP solution that can scale with your business and allow you to adapt to changing business conditions. What can the right ERP solution do for your electronic wholesale business?

Supply & Demand Planning – Inventory Optimization

Keeping the optimal mix of products on hand is one of the most important challenges facing wholesalers. With so many choices, customers are quick to switch to a new supplier if you’re out of stock. On the other hand, overstocking is costly and potentially wasteful.

When you can integrate sales data, sales forecasts, stock levels and vendor lead times, you have a powerful replenishment planning engine that can help you keep stock levels lower and profit margins higher.

Make Better Decisions Based on Real-Time Data

Buyers, warehouse managers, customer service reps, salespeople, accounting personnel and management all can benefit from access to real-time data concerning the status of your business. Many ERP systems promise real-time data, but the numerous steps required to uncover that data render those promises false.

Data dashboards can be tailored to deliver the precise information employees need to fulfill their roles:  reports, reminders and alerts delivered to their inboxes at just the right time and anywhere, anytime accessibility from any device. That’s what’s needed to provide strategic decision-making data.

Reduce Operating Expenses via Automation

Efficiency is at the root of continuous improvement—doing more with less, being smarter, getting better, saving steps. How can the right ERP solution help?

  • Configurable workflows that support the way you do business
  • Paperless operations with integrated document management
  • Ability to leverage wireless with warehouse RFID
  • Reduction in duplicate data entry through integrated purchasing, inventory control, sales & accounting
  • Mobile employees empowered with a full tool set on their smartphones & tablets

We’ve just scratched the surface of the benefits a modern ERP solution can bring to your electronics wholesale supply business. We invite you to learn more about Sage ERP X3, a powerful, scalable, modern ERP solution already hard at work in operations like yours. For more information, please contact one of our consultants.

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