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It’s not unusual for BKD Technologies professionals to receive calls from business owners frustrated with the amount of manual effort in their daily workflow who are contemplating a new business system.

Upgrades & Updates

Our advice is to thoroughly assess your business system environment before launching a resource-intensive system implementation. The best first steps include workflow analysis and system utilization assessment.

The output of the analysis and assessment include:

  • List of issues & problems (where you are)
  • List of requirements & needs (where you want to be)
  • Gaps in the current system
  • Risks & costs of doing nothing
  • Solutions to the issues above

Once you have this information, you’re in a position to develop a prioritized action plan. This plan may include:

  • Modifying & enhancing inefficient workflow
  • Upgrading your application
  • Purchasing a few add-on modules
  • Enhancing & upgrading underlying infrastructure
  • Enterprisewide training
  • Reconfiguration & reimplementation of the existing system

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