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Effective software is dynamic and shifts to meet the user’s requirements and needs. Taxes change, reporting requirements change, business needs change—the constant is change, and the software must change with it. The new updates to Sage 100 ERP Product are intended to address change. Here are some of the latest release improvements and corrections to Accounts Payable, Version 2014.

Accounts Payable

  • In “Invoice Data Entry” on the “Tax Detail” screen, the “Nonrecovery Amount” now can be changed if the “Use Tax Amount” is changed.
  • “Vendor Purchase History by Period Report” selection criteria using equal to or range on vendor number have been fixed.
  • The AP from “AR Clearing Register” no longer hangs updating the register when clearing customers with multiple invoices.
  • “Check Reversal” now uses 1099 information from the original invoice.
  • “AP Open Invoice by Job Report” no longer prints a blank or incorrect “Job Description” for jobs that have been closed and purged from “Job Masterfile Maintenance.”
  • New Box 11 and Box 12 have been added for 2013 1099-MISC reporting.
  • Error 42—“Subscript out of range/invalid subscript _WINPROC.DRG 120 AP_CHECK_UI”—no longer occurs after creating many check entries in “Check and Electronic Payment Maintenance.”
  • The “1099 Payment History” window now can be resized, and the resizing will persist.
  • “Form 1099 eFiling and Reporting” has been updated for reporting the 2013 1099-MISC new boxes 11 and 12.
  • A/P checks no longer print with a blank vendor address if “Print Remit to Information” is checked.

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