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If you’ve built your business on QuickBooks, you know it’s a great entry-level accounting solution. However, as your business flourishes, QuickBooks may not be able to keep up. There are telltale signs your current systems have reached their limits, and once you start noticing them, your growth likely will be stifled until you step up to a more robust business management solution.

Microsoft has compiled a list of growing pains that businesses like yours face when they outgrow QuickBooks. In this blog series, we address those challenges and show you how Microsoft business solutions can help you go beyond entry-level accounting software to keep growing.

Growing Pain No. 1:  Rubber Bands & Sticky Notes Are Keeping You Up at Night

As your business grows, collecting and analyzing your financial data becomes more complex, your supply chain stops being the fine-tuned machine it used to be and the many workarounds already in place have you worried about keeping up. When manual data entry continues to rise, countless spreadsheets aren’t providing the insight for good decision making and your people are being reactive instead of proactive, it may be time to switch to a broader-scope business management solution that’s ready for the next stage of your growth.

Broad scope doesn’t have to mean complex. Microsoft Dynamics is a complete yet easy-to-use solution that allows you to combine your financials, people, supply chain and customer relationship management and provides powerful business intelligence right from the start.

Travis Perkins, Director of IT for EMIT Technologies, shares his company’s experience with Microsoft Dynamics:

We were relying on QuickBooks for basic accounting, but we needed to address long-term goals of our growing business and knew we would need a more robust solution that handled inventory management and manufacturing as well. With Microsoft Dynamics, we’ve evolved from managing each order individually as a one-off job to a true manufacturing environment where we have greater insight and control while having uniform processes in place across the company.

Thousands of customers have outgrown their basic accounting software and turned to Microsoft Dynamics to help support their next business phase. Remove the Band-Aids and implement a solution that will help you sleep well at night.

Join us next time as we explore Growing Pain No. 2:  Managing the Books & Cash Flow Isn’t as Easy as It Used to Be. 

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