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Part of nurturing a successful business is managing growth. As your business matures, the number of employees, suppliers, vendors and customers will increase. Steady growth and expanding operations into a new state or country brings a new set of challenges that basic accounting software like QuickBooks simply can’t handle. If you’re spending a lot of time on redundant data entry, creating spreadsheets and manually calculating varying sales taxes, you’re on a short road to mishandling data and making mistakes.

Growing Pain No. 5:  You’re Putting Off New Business Opportunities

QuickBooks’ limited functionalities don’t allow business owners to calculate for variables such as multiple sales tax rates and international currencies. QuickBooks can require extra data entry, making your business processes more time-consuming. What should only take a few minutes or hours ends up taking days or longer. You know you’ve outgrown QuickBooks if you’re creating workarounds to deal with business growth.

Adding new office locations, working with vendors in other states or countries and transitioning to the global marketplace requires a scalable and robust business management system. Microsoft business solutions may be just what you need to expand your reach. With the right technology, you can identify new business opportunities and take bold steps to capitalize on them.

Travis Perkins, Director of IT at EMIT Technologies, agrees that Microsoft solutions help support his growing business:  “Microsoft Dynamics provides us with a working strategy that fits well with developing and maintaining critical business solutions. Now we can focus on scaling our operation and developing new product offerings to support our customers.”

You can count on Microsoft business solutions to support your expanding business. Don’t forget to join us next week when we explore Growing Pain No. 6:  Needing a Trusted Advisor to Take Your Business to the Next Level.

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