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President Donald Trump will visit BKD’s hometown of Springfield, Missouri, today to begin a tax reform advancement campaign. The visit marks the first of several expected stops as Trump seeks tax reform support ahead of Congress’s return to Washington next week following the August recess.

As Trump begins his tax reform campaign, there are fundamental differences of opinion in Washington—along with a lack of detail on several significant tax reform-related areas—as discussed in BKD’s recent article, “Are We There Yet? An Update on Tax Reform Efforts.” Here are five key unanswered questions going into Trump’s speech this afternoon:

  • Can a fiscal year 2018 budget resolution pass to allow tax reform legislation to advance without bipartisan support in Congress?
  • Should tax reform legislation be revenue-neutral?
  • Will tax reform legislation result in permanent or temporary changes?
  • What will tax reform look like?
  • Are there enough days on the packed congressional calendar to accomplish tax reform before year-end?

Visit BKD’s Tax Reform Resource Center to learn more about tax reform efforts, and be sure to contact your BKD trusted advisor to discuss how potential tax changes may affect your situation.t

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