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BKD National Health Care Group recognizes the importance of remaining at the forefront of new and evolving regulations. By staying informed of proposed regulations, we can help our clients confidently deal with the rapid pace of change in health care. BKD has developed a collaborative relationship with a nationally recognized attorney and former judge, Travis Lucas. Mr. Lucas has spent most of his career in Washington, D.C., and has a strong reputation and presence in the industry. He’s agreed to put that reputation, more than 25 years of legal expertise, congressional connections and political knowledge to work for the benefit of BKD and our clients.

Mr. Lucas’ presence on Capitol Hill and around Washington, D.C., helps give BKD advanced insight into upcoming legislation—he often notifies us of important industry legislation before it’s proposed and keeps us updated as it moves through the legislative process.

This allows BKD to study the potential effects of significant new legislation before it’s enacted, e.g., payment reform and 340B Drug Pricing Program changes. This helps our clients have more time to prepare for the changes.

BKD’s partnership also provides a venue for us to ask questions on specific issues about which Mr. Lucas can get feedback from key D.C. decision makers.

Regulatory Insight from a Regulatory Leader

Comprehending all the standards and regulations that apply to the health care industry can be overwhelming. However, it’s essential health care providers understand the whos, whats, whys and hows of new regulations.

Our regulatory leaders invest significant time staying on top of new regulations, absorbing hundreds of pages of rules and coordinating with Mr. Lucas so we can easily pass critical information on to our clients. One of our regulatory leaders, Partner Sue Brammer, is committed to doing just that. Sue has more than 25 years of experience assisting hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and other health care providers with Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement issues. She helps clients evaluate the reimbursement and compliance effects of various strategic options they may be considering. Sue also has been published in Reimbursement Advisor and various Healthcare Financial Management Association publications. We asked Sue a few questions about how having Travis Lucas as a resource helps BKD.

Insight in Action

Q: How will your clients benefit from BKD’s collaboration with Mr. Lucas?

Sue: Our clients have unique issues and interests. Mr. Lucas can help us navigate the political process and provide insight into potential legislative changes. His Washington, D.C., connections are extremely useful in guiding our clients.

Q: What are the most common regulatory challenges your clients face, and how do you address them?

Sue: Each client has unique regulatory challenges, but every client has the challenge of keeping up with all the regulatory changes. This task can be daunting. Through Mr. Lucas, we are kept informed of changes and can use this information to help our clients more easily stay up to date on important regulatory issues. 

Q: How do you keep your clients apprised of regulatory updates?

Sue: When new regulatory updates are pending or finalized, I try to forward the information or meet with my clients to discuss the effect on their operations. By receiving updates from Mr. Lucas, it’s easier to provide this information in a timely manner.

Q: What top three tips can you offer health care providers navigating regulatory changes this year and beyond?

Sue: First, I would make sure you have a trusted advisor to help you monitor the changes. Second, it’s important to have a solid process for disseminating regulatory issues to the key players in your organization. Too often, we find clients receive data from various regulatory agencies that doesn’t get shared timely with the appropriate parties. Third, I would keep an eye on proposed changes. By following the proposed legislation or regulatory changes, it’s often easy to see where changes are likely going to occur in the future.

Contact Sue or your trusted BKD advisor if you have questions.

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