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Dimension setup and configuration training is a common request we see at the BKD Technologies Dynamics 365 Business Central support center. In this article we’ll review how to use and configure dimensions in Business Central. Before we dive into the setup, let’s discuss how dimensions are used in Business Central.

Better Ways of Doing Business

The dimensions feature in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, formerly Microsoft Dynamics NAV, can help you answer questions about your business. By combining the analyses of different dimensions, you can better understand how well your business is operating, where it’s going and where it needs help.
Dimensions allow you to attribute characteristics to the information you record and use in your daily work, giving you the power to ask searching questions about your business and act upon the answers. You can seek more effective ways of doing business, develop your analytical tools easily and base important decisions on reliable information.
You also can use dimensions to allocate responsibility. By using dimensions on posted entries and budget entries, you can monitor how individual units (for example, a responsible department or region) are performing and compare performance with other units (such as previous periods and budgeted amounts).

Room to Grow & Change

Dimensions grow and change with your business needs. When an opportunity presents itself, accountants and IT personnel don’t need to spend time changing accounting structures to fit new business processes. They can easily create or change existing dimensions.
The possibilities for creating new dimensions and changing existing ones are endless. It’s easy to add new dimensions on the fly, and there’s no limit to the number of dimensions or values that can belong to each dimension. Here are some insights on changing existing dimensions to reflect your business processes:

  • You can name them in a way that reflects your company’s reporting practices and employee requirements.
  • When you no longer require a particular dimension, you can simply block it from use.
  • You can structure values in a hierarchy that mirrors your existing reporting structures.
  • You can change dimensions (or add new ones) as often as you like—without changing your accounting structure.

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