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New software implementation is exciting, but don’t rush in headfirst without proper planning. There are foundational elements to consider before selecting and implementing an enterprise resource planning solution. The tips shared in this resource are a good starting place and can help you avoid the pain, heartache and failure of an unsuccessful implementation. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“All too often, contractors rush headfirst into new software solutions without the proper planning to achieve success. The outcome is typically one of pain, heartache, and an extended implementation time and budget. While successful software implementations require much time, effort, and planning, the end product can dynamically improve a company’s ability to perform work, drive business, and improve customer satisfaction. The benefits of new software can be great, but it’s important to know that there will be hard conversations to work through. Companies should expect their current processes and historical methodologies to be challenged.”

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BKD is a Principal Partner of the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA). This resource first appeared in CFMA Building Profits and was posted on with permission. BKD Trusted Advisors are regular contributors to this publication.

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