Dynamics 365 Business Central – October 2019 Major Release

Details have recently emerged of the major enhancements included in the newest Dynamics 365 Business Central release. I’m excited to share more details about improvements made to the user experience and ad-hoc reporting capabilities. I’ve highlighted several enhancements that are big wins for the end-user experience (see a full list of upcoming features on the D365 Release Plan).

Multitask Across Multiple Pages

In this release, users can open several pages to perform multiple tasks—all at the same time. 

The New Browser Tab (Ctrl+N) or Open Page in New Window Button (Alt+Shift+W) allows users to open several browser tabs or windows while working in the same company. To do this, open a new browser window and then use a Business Central bookmark or a desktop icon to open Business Central in a new browser. This is safe to use several times for different companies.

When several browser windows are open, each is acting as another connection or session—just like if you connected to Business Central from several computers at once. Those separate browser windows allow you to work concurrently on any two or more pages without restrictions, except for any standard network data-locking mechanism or business data validation.

Microsoft Dynamics - Multitask Across Multiple Pages

Save & Personalize List Views

The 2019 release wave 2 update eliminates the need to recreate commonly used filters by allowing users to permanently save filters as a view and combining personal views, system views and those from extensions under one pane. You can now save filters in the filter pane as a list view with a recognizable name, such as “Items I own.”

  • Save a new list view with custom filters on specific fields, on totals and other calculated fields.
  • Fine-tune and perfect your views over time by saving changes to them.
  • Clone any system view by saving a personal copy that you can modify.
  • Easily rename and remove personal views.
  • Apply the full spectrum of filter expressions, ranges and filter tokens (such as %MyCustomers) to dynamically filter to the right data.
  • Quickly switch between different views of a list in the filter pane or from the command menu, no matter how you accessed that page.
Microsoft Dynamics - Save Personalized List of Views

Resize Columns with Fewer Clicks

Adjusting the width of any column just got easier. Without having to start personalizing, you can drag the border of any column header to resize it. Similar to Microsoft Excel, you can double-click the border (AutoFit) to automatically size the column so the caption and value of all columns on the screen are displayed efficiently.

Microsoft Dynamics - Resize Columns

Switch Between Companies in Your Business Inbox in Outlook

Many businesses use multiple companies in Business Central, and users want to switch between companies in their business inbox in Outlook. With the ability to quickly change companies, you can save time and feel more productive.

Microsoft Dynamics - Multitask Across Multiple Pages

Longer Timeout Period for the Server Connection

You no longer have to sign in to Business Central again when you return from lunch or a meeting. In earlier versions of Business Central online, the session timeout period was set to 20 minutes. We increased this value to two hours so you aren’t repeatedly signing in to Business Central.

Identify the Company by a Badge

Whether you just periodically switch between two companies or you’re an accountant working with dozens of them, the colorful company badge helps you figure out where you are.

You can now use the Company Badge functionality to distinguish one company from another. This is helpful when you have multiple tabs or pop-out windows open or work with multiple companies daily.

Microsoft Dynamics - Identify Company

Add Notes & Links to Data

You can add internal notes to business data captured and processed in Business Central online and on-premises. Notes are shown next to the data in a restyled panel inside the FactBox pane.

All the FactBoxes are now divided into two groups: Details (which includes all business-related FactBoxes) and Attachments (which includes notes, links and document attachments). The groups are shown only when needed to prevent clutter on the screen.

Microsoft Dynamics - Add Notes and Links

Carry Line Descriptions to G/L Entries When Posting

When reconciling or auditing data, such as expenses, it’s useful to see the source document line description in the general ledger (G/L) entries.

On the Sales & Receivables Setup, Purchases & Payables Setup and Service Management Setup pages, you can choose the Copy Line Description to G/L Entry checkbox to define for sales, purchase and service documents that the description text on lines of type in the G/L Account is carried to the resulting G/L entries.

Enter Data with Speed & Agility

When typing data into a row, such as a general journal line, you can enter the value of a field, use the tab key to go to the next field and continue typing without having to wait for the server to respond. This allows you to quickly enter an entire record, only having to pause for the row to validate before typing in the next row. Similarly, input fields on cards and other page types also reduce the need to wait for the server to process each field.

While this already provides a more responsive experience in itself, data entry gets faster when combined with personalized Quick Entry that skips over unnecessary fields, keyboard shortcuts for actions like F9 to post a journal and system shortcuts like Alt+N to create a new record.

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