In July 2020, the Construction Financial Management Association’s (CFMA) Diversity & Inclusion Task Force (now committee) was formed to make recommendations on how CFMA could build diversity and a culture of inclusion. To build psychological safety, honesty, and trust, the committee created ground rules for potentially difficult conversations. This article explores the Diversity & Inclusion Committee’s Rules of Engagement, what they mean, and how they’ve helped the committee step into the uncomfortable conversations that spark real change.

Diversity & Inclusion Committee's Rules of Engagement

While each ground rule is important, several committee members shared which one(s) they connect with the most and how they’re using these ground rules in their own conversations. BKD National Industry Partner Jason Myers shares how the rules have helped him: 

“The Rules of Engagement allow me the opportunity to stop, pause, and reflect on the ability to appreciate each person’s individual perspective on topics that can be impacted by diversity and help us think through life experiences. Each day, I am going too fast from meeting to meeting (or video call to video call), which can prioritize my own needs. I find I get much more enjoyment and satisfaction watching my team members succeed. The Rules of Engagement help me to ‘get my mind right!’”

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BKD is a principal partner of the CFMA. This resource first appeared in its magazine, CFMA Building Profits, and was posted on with permission. BKD Trusted Advisors™ are regular contributors to this publication. Questions? Contact us today! 

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