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Sage Intacct 2022 Release 4 provides new capabilities that can streamline manual workflows, create driver-based modeling, and help guide compliance with the latest accounting standards. Below are a few updates we’re excited to see.

Sage Intacct 2022 Release 4 Highlights

Grid Entry

Grid entry brings an Excel-like look and feel to the Sage Intacct Planning (SIP) user interface so you can view more of your data at once and make simple updates to budget lines quickly.

You can switch between the SIP form view and grid entry view by toggling the Grid entry switch in the upper right corner.

Sage Intacct Planning Grid Entry View

Statistical Accounts

Statistical accounts are nonmonetary general ledger (GL) accounts that allow you to track operational metrics, e.g., head count, customer count, number of units shipped, etc.

Now, you can use statistical accounts as the primary elements for driver-based modeling. This offers more flexibility and control for your planning processes.


Sage Intacct has added compliance documentation to its Help Center. The new section outlines best practices that can be applied to your internal control and reporting procedures.

Check out this new resource under the Basics tab.

Sage Intacct Help Center Compliance

Sage Intacct Payroll

Sage Intacct has partnered with Workforce Now by ADP to offer a payroll and human capital management (HCM) service. Sage Intacct Payroll powered by ADP can enable you to:

  • Pay employees from a fully integrated system with full-service payroll, built-in tax management, and compliance features
  • Gather detailed insights into labor costs, benefits usage, compensation, and attrition to inform strategic business decisions
  • Add HCM services as needed while reducing the need for engaging with separate vendors

Explore how Sage Intacct Payroll works.

Industry-Specific Updates

Nonprofit support has been expanded in this release. Sage Intelligent Time (an AI-powered time assistant that suggests time entry cards) is now available with grant tracking. Nonprofit organizations are required to submit time records and often reimburse time back to grants. Now, those who subscribe to grant tracking in billing can automate this time tracking.

In addition, construction-focused updates have been introduced. With this release, Sage Intacct Construction Payroll is now available to new customers in the Early Adopter program. Sage Intacct Construction Payroll has been designed to help:

  • Automate complex construction payroll calculations and journal entry creations
  • Simplify reporting procedures
  • Reduce cost overruns
  • Improve the accuracy of future estimates
  • Assist with state payroll needs associated with union and non-union organizations

To determine your eligibility for the Early Adopter program, contact your Sage Intacct business partner.

These are just a few of the Sage Intacct 2022 Release 4 highlights we’re excited to see. For a complete list of what's new, view the release notes.

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