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Salesforce Summer ’22 Highlights: Three Ways the UX Is Improving

Discover three ways the UX is improving with the Salesforce Summer '22 release from avoiding picklist duplicates to sharing campaigns.
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We’ve been taking a look at Salesforce Summer ’22 release highlights, including person account and permission set updates and what’s new with reports. In this post, we’ll share how Salesforce is helping users avoid duplication and share campaigns. Let’s look at three ways the user experience (UX) is improving in the Salesforce Summer ’22 release.

Learn Which Picklist Values Are Duplicates

Prior to this release, if you created new picklist values and one or more happened to be duplicates, you simply received a warning that you had duplicate values. Now those duplicates are defined:

Add Picklist Values

No more guessing which one is the duplicate.

Try New Dynamic Related Lists

Dynamic related lists add a new component to Lightning pages called “Dynamic Related List – Single.” Dynamic related lists give you the ability to create custom, related lists that can be filtered to display only certain records. You can choose the list’s fields and sort order, apply filters, and give the list a descriptive name.

New Dynamic Related Lists

For example, if an account has several related opportunities and you just want to see opportunities you’ve won, you can add a filter to display only “closed won opportunities.”

Closed Won Opportunities

The number of records displayed can be set to a number between 1 and 30.

Tip: Give your new dynamic related lists descriptive labels so users will know what filters have been applied. For example, “Closed Won Opportunities This Quarter” or “Cases Created Last Week.”

Share Individual Campaigns in Lightning

Campaign owners can now manually share individual campaigns with other Salesforce users. This Classic feature now is available in Lightning Experience. A campaign owner can set sharing settings and view the sharing hierarchy (all the users who have access to a campaign) from the action menu on a campaign record.

To share a campaign, select the drop-down arrow on the action menu to see the “Sharing” and “Sharing Hierarchy” options. If you do not see the “Sharing” option, this will need to be added to the page layout.

Sharing Option

This update helps the overall UX because sometimes org-wide sharing settings can hide records from users who actually need access to them. Now, sharing campaign access just got easier.

Ready to explore all the ways the UX is improving with the Salesforce Summer ’22 release? Use the Contact Us form below to request help implementing any of the new features. The Business Solutions Technology team at FORVIS has certified experience with Salesforce systems.

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