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Salesforce Winter ’23 Release: Permission Set Enhancements

Explore these Salesforce Winter ’23 release permission set enhancements and see why Salesforce is going all in on permission sets.
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In the Salesforce Winter ’23 release, permission set enhancements have been given a boost. The updates give Salesforce administrators more (and less labor-intensive) ways to manage user access. The permission set enhancements highlighted below show Salesforce’s commitment toward ending the management of individual permissions in profiles. Let’s take a closer look at these new features.

Use Permission Sets to Set Field-Level Security

Now when you create or edit a field on an object, you can set field-level security on permission sets instead of profiles. This update reduces the manual steps needed to give select users permission to change a field. While still a beta feature, Salesforce is showing that permission sets are the way of the future.

To enable Field-Level Security for Permission Sets During Field Creation, navigate to User Management Settings:

User Management Settings Screenshot

Once activated, the field-level security screen you saw in the past when creating a field or changing a field type will be replaced with the screen shown below.

Establish Field-Level Security Screenshot

You’ll be shown permission sets that have create, read, update, or delete (CRUD) access to the object where you’re creating the field. If there are no permission sets with CRUD access to the object where you’re creating the field, then all permission sets will show. Then you can grant Read and/or Edit access to the appropriate permission sets.

New Custom Field Screenshot

Give Permission Sets an Expiration Date

An expiration date can be assigned to a permission set or permission set group for a user. This feature was made available in the Summer ’22 release but will be enforced in Winter ’23. The expiration date can be accessed by editing the user entry assigned to the permission set or permission set group.

Slack Standard User Current Assignments Screenshot

Select an Expiration Option For Assigned Users Screenshot

Get the User Access & Permissions Assistant App

User Access and Permissions Assistant is a free app developed by Salesforce and is available on AppExchange. The app provides Salesforce administrators with a simple way to analyze, report, and manage permissions and permission assignments. Among other highlights, the app can help you:

  • Analyze a user’s permissions and field access per object
  • Run and extract reports on permissions by user, permission set, or dependency
  • Manage permission set groups

User Access and Permission Assistant Screenshot

User and Permission Analyzer - Analyze by User Screenshot

User and Permission Analyzer - Analyze by Permission Screenshot

User and Permission Analyzer - Analyze by Permission Set Groups Screenshot

Ready to try these Salesforce Winter ’23 release permission set enhancements? Get in touch by using the Contact Us form below. The Business Technology Solutions team at FORVIS is here to assist.

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