NATIONAL OFFICE – BKD has developed a new solution for chemical manufacturers seeking consolidated, actionable financial data. Financial Performance Insights (FPI) is a cloud-based software solution that offers industry-leading corporate performance management, data warehouse and visualization tools. FPI is a business intelligence tool that helps chemical manufacturers visualize financial and operational data using reports and dashboards that summarize key information on a real-time basis.

Chemical manufacturing companies often face the challenge of aggregating data held in disparate systems, as most have some history of acquiring plants with multiple generations of manufacturing systems from numerous vendors. Due to this complexity, FPI taps directly into disparate systems, helping to seamlessly access relevant data and aggregate that data into one dashboard for management and reporting purposes. This helps deliver decision support “standardization” as a replacement for systems standardization with FPI dashboards and visualizations being the primary user interface throughout the organization.

“BKD is constantly honing and improving our approach to helping clients. We work to stay on the leading edge of technology enablement, drawing on our work across the chemical manufacturing industry and our deep process knowledge to drive ongoing improvement through new offerings such as FPI,” said Partner John Kmetz.

This expertise allowed BKD to invest its resources in creating chemical manufacturing-specific business scenarios, reports and dashboards, which can yield significant value for clients by allowing the user to avoid many of the upfront report and dashboard development costs associated with other solutions. FPI is a turnkey solution for any chemical manufacturer seeking consolidated, actionable reporting across its entire organization.

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