NATIONAL OFFICE – In response to a recent American Institute of CPAs study about what clients need and want most from their CPAs, BKD created a specialty group to provide its clients with a suite of services to simplify their financial lives. Private Client Services (PCS) will provide clients a team approach for their tax preparation, estate and financial planning, along with investment management. BKD clients can have these services and more delivered by a team of CPAs, wealth advisors and financial planners. PCS advisors will take a truly collaborative approach in their commitment to Unmatched Client Service®

BKD’s team of advisors will help high-net-worth and ultra-affluent families manage their wealth from numerous perspectives. This team also can work alongside the family’s current advisors, including estate-planning attorneys, bankers and insurance agents. This approach allows clients access to firm professionals who can create a strategy tailored to their needs. 

BKD Partner Holly Pantzer will lead this new group of advisors and serve as the new national industry partner for PCS. “We understand a family’s legacy is more than just wealth. Each family has unique objectives and goals. Our role is to help them achieve these goals in the way that fits their needs while improving the results,” said Pantzer.

Pantzer is a partner in the firm’s Indianapolis office and has provided tax and estate planning services for more than 25 years. She will chair the new PCS committee that will oversee the services, quality control and growth of this group. Pantzer will work closely with BKD Wealth Advisors Managing Partner Jack Thurman and his successor Steve Toomey to help ensure a unified and consistent approach to achieving desired results for clients.

“We’re proud to help our clients plan their financial future. It’s an honor to support business owners, entrepreneurs and families with multigenerational wealth. Our role in their success is not one we take lightly. Passion for helping others is the driving force that fuels our firm, and we’re thrilled to be putting even more resources and people behind our PCS group,” said BKD CEO Ted Dickman.

With the structure of this new group, BKD clients can benefit from better coordinated resources and an enhanced approach to protect their assets and further grow their wealth. Clients can select the appropriate services for their situation; BKD’s teams work together to offer flexibility for their evolving needs.

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