NATIONAL OFFICE – BKD CPAs & Advisors has released its 2020 Annual Quality Report: “The Importance of Quality: Our Commitment to Integrity & Excellence.” The report provides transparency about BKD’s policies, practices and initiatives and how they remain in alignment with the firm’s commitment to integrity.

The 2020 Annual Quality Report was released alongside the 2020 BKD Integrated Report, which focuses on how BKD has invested in its people, security and infrastructure, technology and governance while the 2020 Annual Quality Report focuses on matters unique to the core audit and attest practice. Read together, these documents illustrate how specific efforts in quality management combined with broad cultural commitments and initiatives help orient BKD as one of the country’s top client service firms.

“We hope our efforts make clear our focus on ethics and independence in our role as auditors and, more broadly, to holding ourselves accountable to integrity over profit,” said CEO Ted Dickman.

Accounting is a highly regulated environment, and the report serves to help boards and audit committees better understand the firm’s internal structure and standards. BKD is one of only a few firms to generate a quality report.

“We want to show that our team is consistently taking steps to be well positioned for progress,” said Mike Wolfe, BKD’s chief risk officer. “BKD is committed to using leading technology and resources to provide secure, quality work for clients. Our work is always evolving and improving; I am proud that we have a report to show our true dedication to serving others.”

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