NATIONAL OFFICE – The SARS-CoV-2 virus and the incidence of COVID-19 (COVID-19) sparked a rush of unprecedented events and global disruptions. BKD CPAs & Advisors reacted quickly, mobilizing its workforce to work remotely, enacting COVID-19 specific benefits and creating a resource center for clients. The firm has worked hard to maintain normalcy for personnel, and rewarding career opportunities are an essential tenet of the firm’s mission. Celebrating career advancement at BKD is, and always will be, an important part of firm culture and morale. Although current operations are all being done remotely, the firm still promoted 32 BKD senior managers and senior managing consultants, effective April 1. 

“This hardworking group has a proven track record of furthering their industry knowledge, managing risks, mentoring others and living out BKD’s PRIDE values. For these roles, we seek out BKDers who possess a genuine desire to help their clients succeed. We’re confident these individuals will continue serving as exceptional role models across the firm,” said BKD CEO Ted Dickman.  

Those to be promoted are: 

Senior Manager 

  • Gabriel Albanese, Denver 
  • Stella Cohen, New York 
  • Dodge Docheff, Kansas City 
  • Karen Garcia, Fort Worth 
  • Jason Griffin, Joplin 
  • Brad Hashagen, Springfield 
  • Lauren Hellman, Omaha 
  • Maura Jackson, Dallas 
  • Chris Jeffery, Salt Lake City 
  • Colby Jensen, Omaha 
  • Jessica Kinnard, Kansas City 
  • Morgan Klipp, Lincoln 
  • Angela Leininger, Kansas City 
  • Shawnell Linot, Wichita 
  • Kyle Miller, Springfield 
  • Kelly Minter-Schneider, Fort Smith 
  • Michelle Ratzlaff, Enid 
  • Jonathan Reale, Dallas 
  • Dustin Redger, Wichita 
  • Walker Roberts, Jackson 
  • Doug Schneider, Dallas 
  • Michael Schroeder, Colorado Springs 
  • Benny Slomovics, New York 
  • Brian Smith, Little Rock 
  • Courtney Smith, Springfield 
  • Celeste Tabor, Evansville 

Senior Managing Consultant 

  • Stephen Blumhardt, Transaction Services, Kansas City 
  • Sarah Loghin, San Antonio 
  • George Lugo, Cost Segregation/R&D Tax Credit Services, Merrillville 
  • Johnny Sanders, IT Risk Services, Nashville 
  • Elizabeth Wilson, Springfield 

Senior Managing Advisor 

  • Shelly Titus, BKD Wealth Advisors, Springfield

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