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The confluence of tax and market change can be overwhelming for middle-market businesses and their owners. Guest Chris Kramer helps boil down the complex to help those in the middle market understand how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act might affect them. Here’s a look at what this episode covers:

  • Update on the middle market in general @ 1:56
  • What the TCJA means for middle-market businesses @ 4:17
  • How to approach tax and market change @ 7:24
  • Choice of entity for the middle-market business after the TCJA @12:06
  • What the depreciation changes mean for deals @ 15:59
  • Chris’ insight on how these changes might affect purchasing decisions @ 18:18
  • The most common question related to tax reform that Chris is getting @ 19:15
  • Loss of the Domestic Production Activities Deduction @ 21:41
  • Effect of the business interest deduction limitation @23:23
  • How middle-market businesses are responding @ 24:59
  • Thoughts on approaching areas where guidance is expected @ 26:32
  • What surprised Chris about the new tax law @ 28:43
  • Key takeaways for business owners @ 30:59

Chris Kramer is the East Region tax leader for BKD National Manufacturing & Distribution Group and also works with clients in health care, construction, real estate development, professional services and retail. He provides leadership for BKD’s tax merger and acquisition team, tax diligence for both buyers and sellers, structuring and transaction consulting.

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