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Like tax, leadership is complicated and plays a crucial role in the long-term success and value of a business. Host Damien Martin sits down with guest Amy Franko to discuss the role leadership plays in an organization, the importance of creating employee loyalty and ways to cultivate leaders of influence.

  • Amy’s definition of leadership @ 3:09
  • The importance of a leadership pipeline @ 4:59
  • Ways to cultivate frontline leaders @ 6:28
  • Why someone who’s not fit to be a leader might end up in a leadership role @ 7:59
  • Making the switch from individual contributor to leader @ 10:11
  • Should business owners be concerned with creating employee loyalty? @ 12:27
  • The role of a leadership ambassador @ 14:19
  • Building leadership success through a learning culture @ 17:02
  • Moving people out of leadership roles that don’t “fit” @ 19:11
  • Get help from a coach @ 23:25
  • Developing organizational flexibility that creates an environment of employee loyalty @ 25:53
  • How to move the needle on leadership when you’re in growth mode @ 28:51
  • Amy’s recommendations on leadership for executives and business owners @ 30:44

Amy Franko is founder and president of Impact Instruction Group. She drives results for organizations by elevating their most important asset—their people—and helps companies create high-value growth by improving sales performance and sales leadership. Amy’s experience within large global organizations, such as IBM and Lenovo, has shaped her skills as a futuristic thinker and leader. She brings new perspectives to her clients with a sharp focus on achieving strategic goals.

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