Simply Tax Episode 38

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Returning guest Jesse Palmer sits down with host Damien Martin to review changes to the bonus depreciation rules under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) and break down what’s addressed in recently released proposed regulations under Internal Revenue Code Section 168(k). Jesse also shares his insight on year-end planning after recent guidance to round out our week of TCJA-related guidance.

• History of bonus depreciation @ 02:51
• Changes under the TCJA @ 05:16
• What’s addressed in the guidance @ 09:05
• Situations where you may want to elect out of bonus depreciation @ 18:03
• What wasn’t addressed in the guidance @ 22:27
• Where we are on TCJA-related guidance @ 28:11
• Why you can’t look at post-TCJA planning in a vacuum @ 32:29
• Action items to consider now @ 34:25
• How the choice of entity analysis has changed with the guidance we’ve seen @ 36:02
• There’s much more TCJA-related guidance to come @ 37:49

Jesse Palmer is a tax partner at BKD and serves as director of tax quality control in the firm’s National Office Tax Department. His responsibilities include quality control, risk management and day-to-day administration of the firm’s national tax practice. Jesse works closely with the national tax director on firmwide tax quality control projects and support-related tasks.

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