Simply Tax Episode 51 & 52

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In the past year, businesses, owners and their advisors have been carefully evaluating their choice of entity and wrestling with converting S corporations to C corporations after tax reform. Listen in on an insightful two-part discussion as guests Steve Gorin and Susan Jones join host Damien Martin to take a closer look at this perplexing and complicated topic.


  • Irrevocable grantor trusts explained @ 1:11
  • “A C corporation is fundamentally incapable with a sale to an irrevocable trust or a grantor retained annuity trust (GRAT)” @ 8:32
  • Possible exit charges on converting a C corporation to an S corporation (and possible strategies to avoid them)
    • Method of accounting considerations for choice of entity @ 12:55
    • Distributing your S corporation accumulated adjustments account @ 15:06
  • Future of tax rates @ 20:57
  • What if you change your mind and you want to go back to being an S corporation? @ 24:25
  • The built-in gains tax considerations @ 26:34


Steve Gorin

Steve Gorin is a partner in Thompson Coburn's St. Louis, Missouri, office and a nationally recognized practitioner in the areas of estate planning and the structuring of privately held businesses. Steve crafts estate plans for individuals, keeping in mind their financial security and desire to save income and estate tax. In his work for businesses, Steve helps owners plan for the eventual sale (to co-owners, employees or third parties) or transfer (to family members) and provides a legal framework for an orderly transition while strategically saving income, transfer and FICA taxes.

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Susan Jones

Susan Jones is the St. Louis leader for BKD's Private Client Services (PCS) tax team and a leader of BKD Family Office. She provides sophisticated income, gift and estate tax compliance, consulting and planning services to individuals, families, fiduciaries, private foundations and their related entities. She also provides proactive executive compensation planning and succession planning for high-net-worth individuals and their family-owned businesses.

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