Simply Tax Episode 63

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Deciding between working in tax in public accounting versus private industry can be challenging! Guest Amie Kuntz joins host Damien Martin on the podcast to help cut through the static of this often-difficult decision, offer perspectives on finding your why and share ways to better serve your top clients and customers.

Here’s a look at what’s inside this episode:

  • Amie’s path @3:02
  • Finding the intersection of your strengths and passions @4:20
  • Navigating the public accounting vs. industry decision @8:42
  • Pros and cons of working in public accounting @11:17
  • Damien’s perspective on working in public accounting @14:49
  • Pros and cons of working in the industry @17:13
  • Tips for public accounting firms and professionals working in public accounting @22:36
  • Finding your why as an organization @26:50
  • Amie’s advice for where you should work @29:47
  • Overcoming your fear of presenting, sharing your thought leadership and seizing opportunities for growth @32:31


Amie Kuntz is a self-described “normalish 30-something girl” from Des Moines, Iowa, who spends a good portion of her free time voluntarily thinking about tax. While some may tell her to “get a life,” Amie has made tax part of her life by blogging about her experiences and sharing her knowledge of business, insights on tax and updates on the tax law on her blog Living the Tax Life. She’s dabbled in most areas of the tax code during her 12-year career in tax, working in both public accounting and private company roles. 

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We’re excited to now also provide video content to strengthen your tax mind! Check it out on our new YouTube channel.


We’re excited to also provide video content to strengthen your tax mind! Check it out on our YouTube channel.

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