Simply Tax Episode 70

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Cut through the static of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) with a discussion on what we learned from applying the provisions of the TCJA during the first tax filing season for tax-exempt organizations. Guests Lauren Denton and Mike Engle join host Damien Martin to reflect on key takeaways and look to what’s ahead. Here’s what’s covered:

  • The most surprising aspects of tax reform for tax-exempt organizations @1:37
  • Challenges with the new qualified transportation fringe benefit provision @3:01
  • Applying the new unrelated business taxable income “siloing” rules @7:11
  • The new excise tax on executive compensation @10:48
  • Planning ideas tax-exempt organizations should consider after the TCJA @13:13
  • Provisions to keep in mind that ended up “on the cutting room floor” during the enactment of the TCJA @17:11
  • How tax-exempt organizations have been affected by the qualified transportation fringe benefit provision @19:30
  • What’s a Form 990-T anyway? @20:29
  • Other tax areas requiring attention from tax-exempt organizations @22:21
  • Planning for the new excise tax on executive compensation with the split-dollar loan regime @26:17
  • Have we seen a reduction in charitable giving after the TCJA? @30:41
  • How to plan for the TCJA going forward @32:50


Lauren Denton is a member of BKD National Not-for-Profit Group and BKD National Public Sector Group. Lauren provides tax services for colleges, universities, community organizations and private foundations as well as partnerships, health care organizations, individuals, benefit plans and trusts.

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Mike Engle is the North Region tax leader for BKD National Not-for-Profit Group, BKD National Public Sector Group and BKD National Health Care Group. He has more than 20 years of experience providing tax services to health care entities, colleges, universities and not-for-profit organizations. He is charged with growing and developing tax services for these industries throughout BKD’s North Region. He performs comprehensive reviews of not-for-profit activities to identify and help mitigate exposure areas related to private inurement, intermediate sanctions, worker classifications and unrelated business taxable income issues. He also has extensive experience with IRS examinations, obtaining favorable determination letters, private letter rulings and closing agreements.

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