Simply Tax Episode 91

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The novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and the response to this pandemic have created an unprecedented, fast-moving and challenging environment. Join guest Chris Schumann and host Damien Martin for the first episode of a three-part series focused on helping you respond responsibly to COVID-19. We’ll share practical advice and key action steps businesses and their owners can take to confront the unexpected business challenges of the current situation. Here’s what’s covered:

  • This situation is different @03:24
  • Cash is king @05:33
  • Don’t overcomplicate it @08:08
  • Mistakes from the past @10:31
  • The people perspective @22:45
  • A lesson from 2008 on transparency @25:26
  • Inventory @28:03
  • Constant communication and reassurances @32:16
  • Impact on transactions and deals @36:40
  • Closing thoughts @39:01


Chris Schumann is a managing director in BKD’s Indianapolis practice and a BKDnext®  advisor where he assists founders/owners with succession and transition planning, with specific focus on building transferable value.  Chris also assists both private sellers and private equity clients with business enhancement strategies ahead of the transaction process.  Prior to his current role, as a member of the transaction services team, Chris provided operational due diligence to private equity buyers and sellers in middle-market mergers and acquisition deals.  Before joining BKD, he was a principal for a regional management consulting firm, offering middle-market manufacturing companies growth, turnaround and technology solutions as well as due diligence and value enhancement services.  He has experience using lean techniques and implementing technology to improve operations for companies with complex products.

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