Simply Tax Podcast Episode138

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Innovation has become an increasingly popular word both at home and in the office—but what is it and why do you need to be focused on it? Guest Dustin Bobbitt joins host Damien Martin to break it down and share perspectives and insights on lessons learned as BKD’s director of innovation. Here’s what’s covered:

  • How do you define innovation? @01:17 
  • Why is innovation so important to an organization? @04:43 
  • Innovation and private equity @06:58 
  • What does innovation look like in a public accounting firm? @08:42 
  • Examples of innovation at BKD @13:38 
  • Is there a process to innovation? @17:31 
  • Some of the best ideas come from those who are just starting @21:31 
  • Tips for organizations looking to innovate @22:47 
  • “Embrace an innovative mindset” @24:46 


Dustin Bobbitt is the director of innovation at BKD and leads the firm’s innovation department, BKD EDGE. This group's main focus is to help instill a culture of innovation and innovation opportunity throughout the firm while bringing client-facing solutions to market that help solve crucial client problems. Dustin has 15 years of software and technology product development experience, with nearly 12 years of that in the healthcare software and technology space prior to joining BKD. He also is a certified six sigma green belt and member of altMBA.

Dustin is a two-time graduate of Drury University, Springfield, Missouri, with a B.S. degree in history and an M.A. degree in communication, with an emphasis in organizational leadership and change.

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