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Physical Climate Risk Dashboard

The impacts of climate change create unique and new threats to our economy and business. The Physical Climate Risk Dashboard can help your organization prepare for future climate-related unknowns.

Climate change poses a serious threat to humanity, with extreme weather events and chronic climate effects putting lives and livelihoods at risk, either directly or indirectly via economic and environmental impacts.

Our tool, designed in collaboration with Jupiter Intelligence™, provides the insights needed to assess and manage physical risk exposure and bolster resilience to unknown climate futures. The Physical Climate Risk Dashboard covers eight key physical climate perils and produces over 5,900 metrics per location, providing the information needed to analyze scenarios (backed by the latest science) for use in risk management, regulatory compliance, reporting, and strategy setting. The information is widely applicable across industries and is an essential tool in any firm’s climate risk management and governance framework.

Single-location visuals support an overall peril ranking for your chosen locations, at specific future time and climate pathways.
The periil view map shows a location's peril risk for a given scenario.
An all peril map view shows overall peril hazard rankings to provide you with a snapshot of risk for a specified geography.

With continued pressure for climate disclosures, including information related to scenario analysis and climate risk management, the Physical Climate Risk Dashboard provides the information needed for your stakeholders. Whether you are reporting to CDP or the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) or preparing for the SEC Proposed Climate Rule, physical risk exposure analysis bolsters your message.

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