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Join BKD Trusted Advisors for our Tuesdays at Ten webinar series specific to our clients and friends in New York State serving the needs of intellectual or developmental disabilities and behavioral health (IDD/BH) communities.

Advance your mission of care and learn critical insights featuring BKD’s team of IDD/BH leaders who have a deep understanding of the intricacies of state and federal funding.  

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CFR Reporting – Lessons Learned: April 6

The preparation of this year’s Consolidated Fiscal Report (CFR) presents significant challenges for New York State providers. With programs fully or partially closed, staff reassigned, and new programs and services being billed during the calendar year, identifying what goes into which bucket is a real challenge. On top of this, most providers have received one or more pools of stimulus funding, each with their own rules and requirements.

Join BKD as we discuss the key issues that providers should be considering when preparing this year’s CFR along with lessons learned from the first round of COVID-19 and COVID-19S informational reporting for June 30, 2020.

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Special Needs Providers - Managing Your COVID-19 Funding: April 20

Against a backdrop of the pandemic, special needs providers have faced numerous choices, including options for federal stimulus funding. Many organizations have access to more than one type of funding. New legislation brings additional funding opportunities on top of existing relief. This has created unique challenges for providers, since each funding source has its own rules on how it can be used. In addition, intellectual and developmental disabilities and behavioral health (IDD/BH) providers need to ensure the use of these funds doesn't lead to double dipping that could reduce their state or Medicaid funding.

In this webinar, we'll update providers on the latest changes to stimulus funding affecting IDD/BH providers. We'll also outline areas that special needs providers should focus on, including how to allocate funding, how to protect and maintain state funding, and how these practices can affect CFR reporting and reimbursement.

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Managing New York State Special Education Programs: May 4

Cost allocations are important to how your programs can operate within the current funding streams and funding environment. It isn't unusual for New York-based intellectual and developmental disability and behavioral health (IDD/BH) providers to be funded by more than one government agency. This can result in different cost report and compliance requirements relating to allowability and documentation for their allocation methodologies.

Join BKD for this insightful webinar, where we’ll share allocation considerations that may affect New York IDD/BH providers. We'll also highlight areas to review to help you document your organization's allocation methodologies.

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Cost Allocations: May 18

New York’s preschool and school-age special education providers have been going through tough times during COVID-19, and the end isn't in sight. This session will examine the current State Education Department (SED) operating environment and possible upcoming changes. We'll also address what schools can do to help improve their chances for survival. Topics will include:

  • Changes to the Reimbursable Cost Manual
  • Recent and proposed changes in SED rate setting methodology
  • Update on state comptroller and NYC Department of Education audits, including focus areas
  • Tuition rate waivers
  • Best practices to help schools thrive

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