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CRM for Oil & Gas

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Built With Extensive Industry Knowledge
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An Industry-Specific Solution: CRM for Oil & Gas Distributors

As a lubricant marketer in the oil and gas industry, it’s likely you’re used to the way things have always been within your company and haven’t gotten around to exploring other options, thinking, “If it’s not broken, why fix it?” Trust us, we understand. We also know that just because something has been working for you all this time, it doesn’t mean something else can’t work better for your business’s future. Customer relationship management (CRM) systems, like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce, can help you solve many ongoing problems that we see frequently trending across the industry.

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How Oil & Gas Distributors Use CRM to Set, Track, & Manage Sales

This webinar archive explores how CRM can help improve visibility and efficiency in customer retention, opportunities, and growth.

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What Oil & Gas Distributors are Doing With CRM

With CRM, you can see everything you could want to know about a customer in one place, track activities (like calls, tasks, meetings, etc.), learn how to cross-upsell more effectively through suggestive selling, track goals versus actuals to meet end-of-year quotas, manage territories to make the most of field sales reps’ travels, avoid asking accounting for information by integrating back office software in your CRM, and much, much more.

Opportunity Management & Business Process Tracking

Progress opportunities and easily create and access industry-specific pipeline reports and charts—all while driving new business and gaining efficiency.

Cross-Sell/Suggestive Sell Functionality

Imagine being on the phone with a customer and finding out they're buying X and Y from you, but not Z. With the "Suggestive Sell" feature in FORVIS’ CRM for Oil + Gas Solution, suggesting additional product purchases that complement items they're already using is extremely easy.

Share of Wallet Management

FORVIS has developed an industry-specific solution to track and help you manage your Share of Wallet opportunities. Whether you're talking to an active prospect or a current customer, a good salesperson asks and finds out which of their competitors have their business today. We show you how to seek and capture these opportunities.

Loaned Equipment Tracking

Do you know where all of your tanks are? What is the value of each tank or piece of equipment? Do you know if your product is going into your tanks? With the CRM for Oil + Gas Solution at FORVIS, it's easy to track the location of all of your loaned, rented, or sold tanks.

Account Management With a 360-Degree View

With our CRM for Oil + Gas Solution, you can grab that 360-degree view of all your customers to know if they are ordering and what they are ordering, see if the profit levels are matching expectations, and much more.

Goal Management & Gap-to-Goal Analysis

The CRM for Oil + Gas Solution comes with an interactive dashboard you can drill down into with the click of a mouse. Use it to see overall company goals, break down goals even further, see deeper product segmentations, and then see the salesperson who generated that sale. It’s well organized and easy.

Territory Planning & Mapping

Plot your customers, prospects, and leads on a map based on specific criteria. To guide your on-the-road traveling salespeople, you can do a quick search on geographic locations to see what other customers, prospects, or leads are nearby and schedule your appointments.

Back Office Accounting Software Integration

This may be the bonus integration your oil and gas business has been waiting for! There is only "One Version of the Truth" with this integration because what you see in CRM matches what you see in your accounting system. It helps increase efficiency by providing the same data. No one has to question which numbers are right because everyone is seeing the same thing. The integration can be a cross-departmental benefit, helping lead to increased financial success for your business.

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