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Merger & acquisition and succession planning advisory services specifically for owners of independent, privately held businesses.

Dedicated to serving entrepreneur, founder and family-owned companies.

Owners of closely held companies face numerous complex professional and personal dynamics and objectives when considering strategic options for their business. The business is often both its owners’ most valuable financial asset and their life’s work. Their company impacts the lives of its employees, customers, and community. The owners’ legacy is intertwined with the business’s future.

FORVIS Corporate Finance understands private business owners’ unique needs and circumstances. Leveraging our deep experience in mergers and acquisitions, executive management, and corporate and financial strategy – combined with our exclusive focus on closely held businesses – we provide unmatched guidance and superior service in the areas of Transition & Succession Planning, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Capital Structure & Strategy. We work relentlessly to meet each client’s specific objectives, recognizing that our engagements often represent the most important financial event in a company’s history and its owners’ lives.

Transition & Succession Planning

Positioning owners to transition their business at the right time, to the right successors, under the right terms and conditions.

Financial performance, growth potential, management team strength, capital needs, competitive dynamics, business cycle timing, market conditions - All impact a business’s value and strategic alternatives.

Lifestyle needs and/or retirement, wealth diversification, tax considerations, estate planning, charitable giving, impact on employees and customers, legacy - All factor into which transition/exit options will meet a business owner’s needs and goals.

FORVIS Corporate Finance works with business owners and their families to develop exit plans that consider all relevant factors and all strategic options – which may include a management buyout, employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), recapitalization, or sale of the company (minority or majority). A carefully crafted transition plan is a roadmap that helps owners to enhance value, avoid pitfalls, and improve the likelihood of achieving their goals upon exit.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Advising private business owners on the sale of their company or the acquisition of others. Wall Street expertise with Main Street touch.

FORVIS Corporate Finance provides best-in-class M&A advisory services to private companies and their owners. Clients benefit from our team members’ decades of transaction experience and our guiding belief that a $10 million transaction deserves the same level of attention and excellence as does a $500 million transaction. We also understand that – particularly when it comes to companies owned by entrepreneurs, founders, and families – price always matters but is rarely the only thing that matters.

Whether engaged to help a company’s owners evaluate a single unsolicited offer, to conduct a broad and comprehensive sale process, or anything in between, we approach each sell-side M&A assignment with an unmatched focus on identifying, revisiting, and achieving our client’s specific goals. Our role in advising business sellers typically involves:

  • Providing market knowledge and insight on potential buyers
  • Enhancing the transaction process’s credibility and competitive dynamics
  • Provide analytical support and developing compelling marketing materials
  • Coordinating and managing the entire process, from initial buyer outreach to due diligence to closing
  • Assisting with negotiations and serving as intermediary
  • Minimizing disruption to the company during the process

In select situations, FORVIS Corporate Finance also provides targeted buy-side advisory services to companies looking to grow by acquiring other private businesses. We work closely with our buy-side clients from initial concept through transaction closing. We closely study our client’s products and services, markets, and industry to develop both target acquisition criteria and a strategy for sourcing and executing transactions that meet their objectives.

Capital Structure & Strategy

Serving as a proven and trusted advisor to business owners on key strategic initiatives.

FORVIS Corporate Finance’s extensive transaction expertise and experience working with private business owners uniquely qualifies us to assist companies with critical strategic initiatives that impact shareholder value. In addition to advising on mergers and acquisitions, we assist clients in evaluating other financial and strategic opportunities including growth strategy, management buyouts, ESOPs, recapitalizations, partnerships, and tax and estate planning.

Our capabilities include:

  • Reviewing strategic alternatives with company boards, executives, and shareholders
  • Evaluating and prioritizing growth opportunities
  • Providing analytical support and financial modeling
  • Identifying and evaluating potential business partners and capital providers
  • Assisting in selection and management of other key professional service providers including legal counsel, due diligence firms, accountants, and tax experts

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FORVIS’ Corporate Finance team can provide solution-driven services to help you drive growth and make informed decisions.

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