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Embracing change could be the very thing that helps organizations stay competitive and innovative in uncertain times. Watch this 3-minute video to hear about the shift towards ESG and some upcoming changes for our firm.


The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said – "The only thing that is constant is change."

Like many of you, change has been on my mind recently. As business leaders, to remain competitive and create new opportunities, we must embrace change and hone our change management skills.

Never has change been more constant than during the last 24 months. In the spring of 2020, many of us had budgets, plans, goals and well-defined strategies mapping where we were headed. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we were forced to re-examine how we do business and quickly pivot to adapt. While I appreciate the idea of getting back to business as usual, I find value in embracing the lessons learned during these times that challenged the very core of how we operate, and how, when stretched, we found new ways to collaborate and bring value to our clients and our teams.

Embracing change could be the very thing that helps organizations stay competitive and innovative in uncertain times. The pandemic surfaced challenges that the construction and real estate industries were already facing around talent, technology, materials and sustainability.

Environmental, Social, and Governance Sustainability, also known as ESG, has been a hot topic in our industry and is becoming a priority for government policies and investor objectives. The shift towards ESG reporting has accelerated over the last 2 years as we analyzed the way we work, where we work and how we become more environmentally and socially responsible. Companies willing to invest in an ESG strategy now may find increased asset value, lower operating costs, new investors and lenders, innovative design and a stronger corporate reputation.

As many of you are also experiencing, we are facing an ever-changing and evolving profession. We recognized the need to alter course and embark on a new path to achieve our mission. We have agreed to merge with BKD effective June 1, 2022, to create a new, Ttop-10, national accounting firm. This merger will take the best attributes of both DHG and BKD to create a future-focused firm that puts people first and provides an unmatched experience to our clients.

Within our new firm, our Construction & Real Estate practice will offer deep industry focus and knowledge to better position us to best serve our clients with expanded service offerings, technologies and resources.

While there is much work ahead, we are excited to embark on this journey and take our place as a national market leader. We will continue to flex our change agility muscles to focus on forward-thinking and innovative services that meet the needs of our clients and our people.

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