On July 8, 2021, the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) implemented a new methodology for identifying the acuity of Medicaid patients in nursing facilities for reimbursement purposes. The “snapshot date” has been eliminated and all Medicaid Minimum Data Set (MDS) assessments within a 6-month period will be used to calculate the case mix index (CMI). This new method of calculating the facility-wide CMI can negatively affect facilities unless processes are implemented to focus on CMI all the time. During this webinar, BKD will share insights for nursing homes to better manage the new process. 

This session will: 

  • Discuss the new Medicaid CMI methodology and how it may affect a facility’s Medicaid rates 
  • Discuss the MDSs used to calculate the CMI and how the payor source at the time of the MDS assessment reference period will affect the Medicaid CMI
  • Discuss the process for reviewing the NYSDOH MDS list and identify areas that need to be updated regarding payor source, body mass index, and dementia
  • Review best practices for capturing the resident acuity at the time of all MDS assessments that will be used to calculate the CMI

This webinar is intended for institution leaders only and is not available for CPE credit.


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