With changing reimbursement models, looming state budget cuts, and increasing competition for staffing, intellectual and developmental disability and behavioral health providers need timely and meaningful information to make important operational and fiscal decisions. Leaders are expected to drive efficiencies, identify program trends to maintain services, and look for new program opportunities. Access to quality data will be a key factor to helping create and sustain success in these critical areas. The Consolidated Fiscal Report (CFR) is a mix of financial and statistical data that can be used to benchmark your organization’s performance across the agency, program, or site. Join BKD for this insightful webinar to see how our interactive data analytics tool can help providers develop and measure key performance indicators.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Explain BKD's CFR analytical tool and the underlining information included
  • Discuss benchmarking to improve the financial results in an organization
  • Describe how to leverage data-driven information to create operating benchmarks and goals and how to use benchmarking to help guide an organization’s decision making

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