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Please join us for Part 1 of a 2 Part Series

Has your company been required to submit an Incurred Cost Proposal for the first time or are you curious to find out more about the submission requirements?

Join Mike Mardesich and Brad Tress of DHG’s Government Contracting group as they walk through the Incurred Cost Proposal life cycle from initial requirement, through preparation, submission, audit and closeout. If your company is new to the ICP, or you need to learn more about proposal guidelines and the impacts of the COVID-19 related legislations passed in the last year, register now.

Topics Covered

What is an ICP?

  • Who is required to submit an ICP?
  • Where do I submit an ICP?
  • Why is an ICP required?
  • When must an ICP be submitted?
  • What to do if you have missed the ICP submission deadline?
  • ICP evaluation process
  • DCAA's timeliness requirements
  • What comprises an adequate ICP?
  • Mike Mardesich, Senior Manager
  • Brad Tress, Senior Manager
Incurred Cost Proposal Series

Part 2: Incurred Cost Proposal – How?

Please join us on April 19 as we take a walk through the preparation and adequacy requirements of each ICP schedule.

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