Current government solicitations are awarding points to contractors who provide evidence of an acceptable estimating system. Regardless of whether your system has been evaluated yet or whether deficiencies have been found, please join FORVIS’ Mike Mardesich and Brad Tress as they cover these important topics: 

  • Who Needs an Adequate System?
  • DFARS Business Systems Rule
  • DFARS Estimating System Criteria
  • Critical Elements of an Acceptable Estimating System
  • Estimating System Best Practices
  • How Adequate Systems Help Ensure Compliance with Truthful Cost or Pricing Data (formerly TINA)
  • How to Avoid a Defective Pricing Determination
  • Third-Party Assessments of Estimating Systems
  • How to Prepare for an Estimating System Review
  • Forward Pricing Rate Proposal Best Practices
  • Common Cost or Price Proposal Deficiencies

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Identify requirements for an adequate contractor estimating system

CPE Information

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